Underwater Animal Encounters in the Caribbean

Visitors to the Caribbean are ever-eager to dive or snorkel with sea turtles, sharks, stingrays and other famous sea life. Whether tiny or enormous, slow-moving or slick and predatory,  indigenous marine animals are fascinating to observe, especially in their own natural environment.

Brazil Tourism -- Insights on Southern Brazil

The official Brazil Tourism website has a new English-language blog, intended as a comprehensive resource for English-speaking travelers looking for Brazil travel information— beyond Rio de Janeiro. I developed the topic outline and wrote core content for this initiative.

The Treatment: A Magnum Opus That Nobody Sees

This is a sample pitch deck for documentary series and brand-sponsored video. In TV terms, it’s interchangeable with the “treatment.”

Influencer Qualification: The Workshop

The project: Based on the success of this summer’s widely shared Potato experiment for Inc.com, I created a social influencer qualification workshop. The program is two parts. In the first, I teach brands the top tricks that today’s “sinfluencers” AKA fake influencers are using to inflate their numbers and engagement. In the second, I show how to screen potential influencers using several different metrics tools–most free. I also share leading-edge list-building platforms, data-scraping tools still in beta, and other tools that allow brands to quickly and definitively sift through the millions of fake influencers to find the few real ones.

Photo Monetization Tips in Contently’s “The Freelancer”

Get your smartphone shots published–and monetized.

My top digital photo tips were included in a piece for Contently’s digital magazine “The Freelancer.” Reporter Tim Beyers shared my knowledge garnered from years of contributing to AOL, Yahoo, USA Today and more. The featured photos in the story were from multiple automotive and travel campaigns. Contently features work from a Suzuki influencer campaign. Photos there and on this page were published by Away.com for a Volkswagen campaign (then licensed later by USA Today).

Manatee Picnic

An old but great photo, from one of the all-time most relaxing work moments.

This is a manatee trainer on Isla Mujeres. I spent an afternoon with her, feeding lettuce and melons to manatees. We created a fun little video which became my first Yahoo Travel feature. Amazing that it’s one of the only pieces still live after the Yahoo magazines shut down. (Albeit with broken images.)